• Velveeta Fudge

    Tracking this one mostly for myself to remember how to make this each year. It sounds weird, but it is surprisingly good and has the perfect amount of sweetness and texture. That said here is the recipe.

  • Homebridge on TrueNAS Scale

    This post is going to cover how to setup Homebridge on TrueNAS Scale. The directions here apply to version 22.02.4 of TrueNAS scale and may need to be adjusted slightly if running a newer version. Homebridge allows you to take your IoT devices that don’t currently have Apple HomeKit support and add them to HomeKit. TrueNAS Scale doesn’t have an official app for Homebridge or one in the TrueCharts repo. Thankfully Homebridge does have a Docker implementation so you can add it to TrueNAS manually.

  • Hello World

    I suppose it would be some kind of developer heresy if I didn’t start out a new journey with a Hello World. So hi, hello, welcome. I have no grand plans on what I want to make this long term, but I am sure that over time it will all come together.